It’s a box. It’s a bike. It’s a Tatamel


At gargantuan CES, a tiny transforming bike stood out.

The more playful than practical design comes from Tokyo-based Icoma, which showed its electric Tatamel bike at the Las Vegas expo.

A suitcase-size box transforms into a mini-bike that rides on 10-inch wheels. Though its dimensions are compact — box mode is 27 inches tall, 27 inches long and 10 inches wide and bike mode is 39 inches tall, 48 inches long and 25 inches wide — it weighs in at 110 pounds.

Icoma says it can charge through a power outlet in three hours, and it’s good for about 18 miles of range. The 600-watt motor can power it to 25 mph.

Icoma said it plans to start selling the bike in the U.S. in April. Based on the yen-to-dollar exchange rate on Jan. 3, the base price is $3,999, not including delivery. A U.S. distributor is being sought.

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