New York Police Seize An Additional 200 Illegal ATVs And Dirtbikes From Local Streets


Authorities in New York are continuing their unrelenting crackdown on illegal dirt bikes, ATVs, and scooters, recently seizing over 200 of them last Sunday.

The New York Police Department confirmed that it seized the 200 illegal vehicles across the five boroughs and that it will “continue to address all quality of life & public safety concerns impacting NYC residents.”

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The seizing of these 200 vehicles came just a week after 250 additional dirt bikes, ATVs, and scooters were taken by police.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is the man behind the crackdown on the illegal vehicles that routinely take to the city’s streets with riders revving the engines, speeding, riding along sidewalks, and performing wheelies. Police state that most of the vehicles that it seizes are not registered and have no VIN numbers. They also claim that some of them are used in crimes.

Local police have confiscated almost 3,000 of these bikes this year. Owners are given 15 days to get a permit and retrieve their bikes before they are crushed.

In a well-publicized video in June, Mayor Eric Adams hosted an event for members of the media where 92 illegal bikes and ATVs were crushed by a bulldozer.

“Illegal dirtbikes and ATVs endanger the lives of New Yorkers. We’re not letting them go unchecked,” Adams said on Twitter in June. “This year we’ve already taken nearly 2,000 bikes off the street and we’re just getting started. Get the message: you want to terrorize our neighborhoods. You’ll get crushed.”

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