Can The Bulletproof Glass Of This Tesla Model X Survive An AK47?


For most people, fitting their vehicle with bulletproof glass sounds unnecessary – and it probably is. However, for the elites that live among us, it is simply par for the course and to show just how resilient strengthened glass can be to gunfire, a YouTuber decided to put some to the test with the help of a Tesla Model X.

This particular Model X has been equipped with a bulletproof windshield from Armormax and in theory, it should be able to withstand fire from a number of different weapons.

To see what the windshield can withstand, FullMag fired off some individual shots from an AK47 (aka Kalashnikov) and captured the entire thing in slow-motion. The footage shows that the bullets simply slide off the windshield and bounce off into the distance. While they do crack the outer layer of the glass, anyone inside the car would have remained uninjured.

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The YouTuber then takes things up a notch by firing a 50-caliber round at the glass. While it does more damage than the 7.62 rounds of the AK47, it didn’t breach the inner layer of the glass, keeping occupants safe. The final test involves more than a dozen shots being fired from the AK47 at point-blank in rapid succession.

There was one little mishap during the stunt. When the YouTuber was firing the AK47, one of the rounds went through the hood and straight into one of the EV’s air conditioning lines. Which might have been caused any occupants to perspire a little, but we guess the would have been occupied by the rounds bouncing off the car’s glasses to notice.

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