Nothing To See Here, Just Another Ford Mustang Crashing While Leaving A Car Event


Just when we started to think that Ford Mustang owners would start to drive a little more responsibly while leaving car events, we stumbled across this video of yet another Mustang crash on Reddit (though the video has since been removed, we have the GIF evidence).

It is unclear when this clip was filmed but judging by the crowd of people lining the side of the road, it occurred during a car gathering. For some motorists, their urge to impress onlookers with their driving abilities is too strong to ignore and evidently, this Mustang driver is one of them.

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The black Mustang is initially shown pulling out from the car event and the driver immediately mashes the throttle, spinning up the rear wheels. Initially, the driver seems to have everything under control and keeps the Mustang in a straight line. However, that doesn’t last long as the muscle car soon slides to the left and despite the driver’s best effort to countersteer while keeping the throttle depressed, they were unable to control the slide.

With its rear wheels still fighting for traction, the muscle car spears into a grass embankment in the middle of the road before it dives into a dirt rut. The force of this impact sends the Mustang onto two wheels before it flips onto its roof.

While the video cuts out the moment the car flips, we presume the stunned onlookers rushed over to check on the driver. It is unclear if the driver and any possible passengers were injured but this Mustang could be heading straight to a scrapyard.

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