Dodge Charger Owner Tries Desperately To Stop His Car Being Repossessed


If you have a car that is about to be repossessed, all you can do is watch it get taken away while trying not to shed a tear. Evidently, the owner of this Dodge Charger was determined not to let a repo truck take their car without putting up a fight.

This clip was recently shared to Reddit and shows the white Charger hoisted up in the air after being lifted by the repo truck. These kinds of rep trucks feature ‘stinger’ arms that stretch out from their rear and hook onto the drive wheels of a car. Once they are locked in place, only a repo truck driver will be able to remove them.

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Nevertheless, the owner of this Charger clearly thought they could save their car from being towed away. The video shows the driver hitting the gas while the car is lifted up in the air. We can see that both the front and rear wheels are moving, so this Charger has been equipped with the available all-wheel drive system.

It is unclear if the owner of the Dodge jumped in the car before it was lifted up or if they somehow managed to climb inside just as the repo driver was getting ready to drive away. Whatever the case may be, all the Charger owner ended up doing was severely damaging the front fascia of the car while also inevitably causing some damage to the undertray and rear bumper while trying to free their car.

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