Drifting A Chevrolet Camaro Between Gas Pumps Is Simply Asking For Trouble


The driver of a yellow Chevrolet Camaro Convertible has taken to social media to show off their driving skills and while they are impressive, the driver’s antics are very dangerous.

This video was recently shared to Reddit on the IdiotInCars subreddit and shows the driver of the Camaro Convertible pulling up at a gas station. She briefly speaks to the man filming the video before hitting the car’s throttle and quickly kicking it into a drift which she proceeds to perform through the various pumps at the gas station.

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Initially, the driver is shown doing donuts around a single gas pump in a counter-clockwise direction. She then starts to thread together donuts in the opposite direction around a second gas pump. Making her driving skills all the more impressive is the fact that she was able to easily transition between the different tarmac surfaces while maintaining controlled slides with just one hand on the steering wheel. At one stage, she even takes both hands off the wheel.

Evidently, the driver has a lot of experience behind the wheel of the Camaro and has obviously spent a lot of time practicing her drifting. However, the chosen location for this stunt is simply too unsafe.

Had she made a single mistake, she could have easily hit one of the gas pumps and while cut-offs might have prevented a fire, things could have just as easily gone very wrong. For the next drifting display, we’d suggest a dedicated skidpad or, at the very least, an empty parking lot.

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