Karma Slaps Nissan Kicks Driver Right In The Face After Trying To Steal Parking Space


The owner of a Nissan Kicks has discovered the hard way what can happen if you let impatience get the better of you.

The incident appears to have happened in Singapore in late October. Dashcam footage initially shows the driver of a Toyota Prius reversing into a parking space when, out of nowhere, an orange Nissan Kicks comes into view, accelerating up a ramp into the parking lot.

Any patient driver would have seen the Prius that was reversing and waited on the ramp, allowing it to park. However, the driver of the Nissan didn’t do that and instead heads straight into the parking space.

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Unfortunately, the Nissan driver for some reason accelerates too hard. As a result, the crossover then slams into the wall, immediately triggering its hazard lights and probably setting off the airbags.

It’s worth noting that it’s hard to know for sure whether the driver of the Kicks intentionally nabbed the parking space (although that does seem to be the case, since after initially slowing it accelerates) or if, in their haste, maybe didn’t see the reversing Toyota. Whatever the case may be, the damage done to the car is probably quite severe.

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