Woman Throws Drink On Clean Acura NSX Heading To SEMA, Gets Instant Karma


Sometimes people are so focused on hate and envy that they somehow miss the point of life. This is what happened last Monday on the highway when a woman in a black Honda Civic wanted to punish an NSX driver for looking mint by throwing her drink at his car. The not-so-kind gesture didn’t end up well for the woman who instantly rear-ended a Cadillac.

The incident was caught on the dashcam of Ron Baugh who uploaded it on Instagram. Baugh was following the NSX while traveling to Vegas for the SEMA show so he got to see it all first hand. His reaction – shot from two camera angles – is priceless, and even the chorus of the song he was listening to at the moment got synchronized with the collision for additional drama.

However, all of us feel sorry for the Cadillac driver who didn’t do anything to deserve having his/her car crashed by a misbehaving fellow road user.

While the traffic was moving at low speeds, the crash was severe enough to make both the driver and front passenger airbags deploy, causing a real mess inside the Honda Civic’s cabin. We all hope that there were no injuries involved and that the driver of the Honda will be more cautious from now on.

If you were wondering, the red Acura NSX with the aftermarket wheels belongs to Vinny Anatra, who is the Vice President Of Business Development at the Hoonigan Industries. The mid-engined classic does look amazingly clean and it is a shame that some people don’t have the mental capacity to admire and show some respect to another man’s belongings.

Our advice is for everyone to keep their eyes on the road and focus on driving instead of acting inappropriately behind the wheel.

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