Two Mitsubishi Lancer Evos Rear-End Lexus At California Cars And Coffee


Two Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models have been badly damaged in California during a recent Cars and Coffee event.

Footage has been shared to social media that shows the aftermath of the crash but we haven’t yet found a video that actually captured the crash. However, a number of witnesses suggest that the owners of the Mitsubishis are squarely to blame for the accident.

It is reported that the driver of the white Lexus GS was turning into the parking lot where the Cars and Coffee event was being held when they decided to give way to a pedestrian on the sidewalk. The driver of the blue Lancer Evolution directly behind him didn’t expect the Lexus to brake so suddenly and ended up slamming into the rear of it. A silver Evo then rear-ended the blue one.

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Mitsubishi Evolutions Crash in Santa Clara

Photos and videos show that the two Mitsubishis suffered extensive damage in the crash. We can see that one of the headlights of the blue Evo was shattered, its radiator was busted, and the front-mount intercooler was also damaged. The owner also removed the front bumper as it, too, suffered some significant damage.

The rear end of the blue Evo will also need some repairs, including a new bumper and tailgate. As for the silver Evo, its front bumper has been trashed, as has the hood and one of the headlights.

Meanwhile, the innocent victim in the crash, the Lexus GS, escaped with relatively minor damage to its rear bumper and tailpipes.

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