Tesla is moving driver profiles to the cloud for smooth transitions between cars, rentals, and more

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Tesla is working on moving driver profiles to the cloud in order to sync them between vehicles.

It will make it easier for owners of multiple Teslas and for people renting or sharing Tesla vehicles.

Over the last few years, Tesla has been making moves to build a smooth experience for a self-driving and car-sharing future.

For example, Tesla launched a new “car access” feature that makes it easy to give anyone access to your Tesla through the company’s mobile app.

While it’s already useful for people who share a Tesla, the feature is expected to be especially useful once the company launches its “Tesla Network,” a self-driving, ride-hailing, and car-sharing network.

CEO Elon Musk has also been talking about putting user profiles in the cloud to automatically load all your preferred settings onto a new Tesla vehicle that you use.

Now Tesla is working toward that with a new “vehicle sync” feature.

Not a Tesla App found the feature in the latest Tesla software update:

In this release there is a reference to a new feature called “Cloud Profiles,” which gives the user the option to ‘Enable Vehicle Sync’ for individual driver profiles.

The new vehicle sync can be enabled for specific driver profiles:

It will help Tesla drivers carry their profiles across different vehicles:

If you own multiple Teslas, use a loaner or rent a Tesla, you will then be able to keep your profile settings the same across your vehicles. When you change a setting, it’ll automatically be carried over to your other vehicles.

Now that you can easily add vehicles to your Tesla app with the “car access” feature, it opens up many possibilities.

After Hertz announced its intention to buy 100,000 Tesla vehicles to update its rental fleet, Musk was asked if Tesla could release such a feature, and the CEO confirmed it’s in the works.

It looks like the feature is not too far from being released.

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