Man Uses His Own Body To Protect His Mk4 Toyota Supra From A Hail Storm


If you don’t know by now, the Mk4 Toyota Supra has become quite the appreciating asset, so it’s no surprise that some owners are extremely protective of their rides. Whether it’s that or simply wanting his pride and joy not to be damaged, this owner used his own body to shield part of his Supra in a hail storm that could have ruined the bodywork.

The video of the ordeal, which was originally posted to TikTok, shows the man electing to let his own body take a beating from hail over his Supra. That being said, while it appears he actually did have some protection for the car in the form of a few blankets for the windows and cardboard sheets for the body, it didn’t cover a portion of the hood, hence the decision to use his body.

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While stock Supras are fetching the most money these days, this man’s appears to be lightly, or at least tastefully, modified. It would still likely sell for a pretty penny, but in this case, it seems like more than that. It seems more like a man just protecting the vehicle that brings him joy rather than one that’s an investment. The hail looked fairly sizeable, so we can understand his concern, and we admire the dedication he put in to keeping his car damage-free.

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