Woman Walking Barefoot On Highway Tries To Evade Two Police Cars


A few days ago, drivers on the Interstate 75 in Miami witnessed what could be the slowest police pursuit ever to be caught on camera: a woman walking on foot trying to escape from two police cars.

The incident took place on October 11 during bright daylight when the woman was seen walking barefoot on the highway. The Dodge Charger police car approached slowly, with the officer trying to guide her to a safer spot.

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As we can see from the video uploaded on ViralHog, the woman didn’t want to stop and starter running across the highspeed lanes. Another state trooper Dodge Charger appears from the left side and for a few seconds, the walking woman does a great job in running away from a two-car chase. Thankfully police had stopped incoming traffic.

Not having the patience to continue this act, the officer gets out of the car and chases the woman on foot, eventually catching her. The second officer followed by car just in case she got away. We don’t know why the lady decided to walk on the highway putting herself and others in great danger, but thankfully no one was injured.

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