The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Has A Terrible Backup Camera And A Few Other Foibles, Too


By now, we all know that the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is among the most sophisticated and superlative vehicles on the road today. But it is still a car, which means that there are some aspects of it that are less than exceptional.

CarWow was allowed to go for a drive in the Chiron Super Sport and while host Mat Watson did all of the usual high-speed stuff that we would all do if given the keys to a Chiron, he also took some time to outline the car’s flaws allowing us to engage in our favorite pastime: nitpicking very fancy things to perhaps trick ourselves into believing we don’t want them as badly as we actually do.

To be honest, though, he does have to stretch a bit for his regular segment, Five Annoying Things. First and foremost, the luggage space isn’t great. That’s hardly a surprise, but the frunk really is quite small, so even with the special fitted luggage set, you wouldn’t really want to take it on vacation for more than a night or two. It doesn’t come with a cup holder, either, which isn’t a dealbreaker by any means but is just needlessly annoying.

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Stones and gravel, meanwhile, get kicked up by the front wheels and end up going through a vent and onto the bodywork. Not only does that mean you have to remove the stones, which is undignified, but it also means that your multi-million dollar (let’s call it what it is) investment could suffer paint chips every time you take it out.

The backup camera, meanwhile, is quite small and, as Watson reports, bad. That might not be a big issue on a less expensive and less sizable car, but on a very wide and expensive car with very bad rear visibility, that’s pretty irritating.

These little livability flaws could actually be meaningful because the driving experience, Watson reports, is so good. Unimaginably capable at high speeds and unbelievably civilized at low speeds, it’s comfortable enough to daily, even though we doubt any owner would.

Naturally, none of those little issues matters a bit when your right foot even comes close to the throttle, but it’s somehow reassuring to know that even something as ridiculous as the Chiron Super Sport has some warts.

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