This BMW E36 3-Series Truck On UTV Tires And An Ebay Turbo Looks Like Lots Of Fun


If you’ve done some scrolling through the car enthusiast’s side of YouTube or have wondered what it would be like to install an engine into a children’s toy, then you might have come across Grind Hard Plumbing Co.

With over 1.2 million subscribers, this rather unique team of mechanics has a truly novel approach to producing automotive-related content. While most of the channels out there are focused on the latest car buzz and everything around it, Grind Hard Plumbing Co takes a more unconventional route towards content creation, more along the lines of putting a KTM 450 engine into a Porsche built for clientele aged 8-12 years old.

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After years of playing around with an old BMW E36 3-Series Coupe which they happened to pick up for a mere $150 (it came with different colored body panels and a burnt clutch), the folks at Grind Hard Plumbing and Co decided to throw in a turbo that was purchased off of eBay. That’s still the normal part because the next plan was to convert it into an off-road capable truck. So, a cut-off back half, a 2-inch lift, rally wheels, and a set of UTV tires later, the E36 off-roader truck was born.

The truck definitely looks the part as an off-roader, but as you might have imagined, the good old-fashioned E36 suspension that came with the Bimmer was never meant to see anything more than a few potholes and the occasional speed bump. A few jumps into the trail, and almost everything associated with the rear suspension was completely destroyed, which is when the Grind team decided to do some suitable replacements. With beefier suspension, it was almost ready to get back on the road, or rather gravel. A box of goodies containing a set of Corbeau DFX bucket seats and a five-point harness adds a degree of safety that’s probably necessary for this kind of build.

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