SUV Drivers Block Highway 1 In California To Do Donuts


A bunch of pickup truck and SUV drivers recently decided it would be a good idea to stop in the middle of Highway 1 in California and proceed to do a bunch of burnouts and donuts, all while blocking traffic.

Footage of this incident filmed from the helmet-mounted camera of a motorcyclist was recently shared to Reddit. The biker can be seen riding through a traffic jam before getting to the front of the queue and watching the driver of an SUV proceed to do a number of donuts. The motorcyclists first reaction is to laugh, before saying “What a bunch of f**king losers.”

The driver of the SUV proceeds to do donuts for roughly 20 seconds before a black SUV lines up and starts to do donuts of its own. In the process, the driver comes close to taking out a Harley-Davidson rider who, clearly tired of waiting in traffic, decided to ride through the area being used for the donuts.

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For the following minute, the driver spins around the center of the highway, shedding their tires and kicking up plumes of smoke. The biker can be heard adding that they are a “bunch of f**king retards” and “f**king knuckleheads.” Towards the end of the video, the vehicles go on their way and the road clears up.

Considering how stupid, never mind illegal and dangerous, it is to block off a major road like this to perform donuts, one could be excused for thinking this is the first time that something like this has happened. However, it isn’t and scenes like these in major U.S. cities appear to be getting more frequent. Just a couple of months ago, the driver of a Chevrolet Camaro blocked traffic at the New Jersey turnpike to do donuts.

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