Japan’s 4Design Hanagata Mold Lets You Create Chocolate BBS Wheel Treats


4Design, a Japanese crafts company, has released a new product that will, no doubt, appeal to petrolheads that also have a sweet tooth.

Working together with BBS Japan, the company has developed a set of chocolate molds that allow you to craft your own wheel out of chocolate.

The company says that the “Hanagata” molds’ purpose is to bring attention to the casting mold, one of the most important elements of the manufacturing process, but one that consumers tend not to think of. By spending time tempering, pouring, and molding a chocolate wheel, though, people get to experience the joy of the craft while getting something out of it that’s both beautiful and delicious.

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Made of machined aluminum, the molds are also gorgeous. They come together like an intricate puzzle to create a box that’s roughly 3-inches wide and 4-inches tall (75×100 mm). The resulting chocolate wheel is about 1.4-ounces (40g), which is very good for unsprung weight, though we have some concerns about their ability to stand up to heat. A second mold, which makes a more abstract “sofa cushion” design, weighs about 1.8 ounces (51g).

4Design says that they are planning a limited number of experience sessions at the Factory Art Museum in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. They are also exploring the possibility of experience sessions limited to the BBS Wheel Owner Club. In the future, they are considering custom-made sales as an “experience mold” that allows buyers to make chocolates with the original design of the store at special moments in restaurants and wedding halls .

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