Forget About Barn Finds, These Guys Are Restoring Wrecked Scale Models


There is something weirdly satisfying about watching a dirty and damaged vehicle transforming into a pristine example of automotive craftsmanship. What started as a trend from barn finds and classic car restoration projects, has evolved into a YouTube craze involving scale models. People seem to love watching allegedly abandoned scale models in a bad shape becoming like-new again.

YouTube channels like Restoration, and Restore Machines are gathering millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers by showing the detailed restoration process. The same thing happens with other kinds of stuff like clocks, bicycles, or weapons but cars are a bit more interesting to watch.

As you can see from the video above, the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe scale model was in pretty bad shape. Besides missing the wheels and the windows, the body looked like the result of a car crash and the paint was completely destroyed. The situation is even worse with the La Ferrari and Lamborghini Aventador models below that look almost unidentifiable.

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Speaking of restoration, those guys are really good at what they do. First, they disassemble every little component of the scale model and thoroughly clean them with the help of special liquids and brushes. Sometimes they even sand-blast the metal bodywork before the new paint job which is professionally applied with a spray.

After cleaning, painting, and polishing all of the parts, they replace any missing or heavily damaged plastic components with new ones right from the factory. Then they assemble the model with the end result usually looking as good as, if not better than, a brand new product.

One will argue that it would be a lot cheaper to replace the scale model with a brand new example. The cars shown on the videos would cost between $5 and $20 since they are usually cheap toy cars and not premium scale models. However, the popularity of those videos shows that the fun is in the process, while the millions of views and the generated income definitely justify the time and effort spent in creating them.

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