Load A Ford Mustang Into A Truck? Yeah, Sure, What Could Go Wrong?


Another day, another incident involving a Ford Mustang. However, it wasn’t an irresponsible driver to blame for this incident but rather those involved in loading it into a truck.

It is unclear when this video was filmed but it shows a man driving the black Mustang from out of a garage up two loading ramps and into the rear of the truck.

Initially, everything seems to go just fine, even though the guy behind the wheel drives up the ramps quite quickly. Once half the Ford has been driving into the truck, the driver stops (presumably to make sure he was clear on all sides) before accelerating and attempting to drive further into the truck.

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However, he is a little too happy with the throttle and spins up the rear wheels. This pushes the loading ramps out from the rear of the truck, causing the Mustang to slam down into the trailer.

Clearly, the guys attempting to load the Mustang into the truck hadn’t properly secured the ramps and even if the driver didn’t have a led foot and was a little more careful, the ramps may have still slipped out of position.

The underside of the Mustang took the full force of the impact. It is hard to say for sure the extent of the damage caused but we suspect the exhaust has probably been dented/bent. As for what happened after the video cut off, we imagine getting the Mustang out of this precarious position could have been quite difficult.

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