Car Carrying Trailer Crashes Into A Low Bridge Wrecking Two SUVs


The driver of a car carrier trailer hit a low bridge in Radnor, Pennsylvania on Thursday afternoon, destroying two cars in the process. Pictures of the aftermath were posted on Facebook by the Radnor Township Police Department together with an announcement of temporarily closing down the road in order to clean up.

The two SUVs were a third-generation Ford Escape and a fourth-gen Jeep Grand Cherokee, both wearing Carmax plates. The bridge looks fine but the cars have been completely wrecked and definitely heading to the crusher. As reported by the Police, the vehicles “were unoccupied and being towed at the time of the collision”. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.

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The 10-foot 10-inch train-carrying bridge is located on the King of Prussia Road in Radnor and this is not the first truck-related incident. Despite the yellow marking and the “Low Clearance” signs, many professional drivers have fallen into the trap of believing their high-roof truck could fit. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, 43 vehicles crashed into the bridge between 2008 and 2017, which makes for an average of four to five collisions per year. A commenter under Police’s post revealed that this is the second incident happening in three weeks, proposing more hefty fines to the drivers.

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Besides the necessary cleanup which requires closing down the road usually for a few hours, engineers have to inspect the bridge after every collision in order to make sure it didn’t sustain serious damage. A few months ago, a dump truck crashed into a bridge in Georgia causing it to move six feet, which led to it being demolished.

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